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It's free, its easy and quick:
It's free
  • The whole scuba banner exchange is free of charge and has no hidden costs. Even your access on your control panel and statistics is free of charge.

It's easy and quick

  • You just need to agree to the conditions, register your name and website, add the received html code to all the pages you wish in your website. Finish
Scuba banner exchange is one of the only banner exchanges dedicated to scuba diving
Scuba diving industry only
  • Only web sites directly connected to scuba diving can join the free exchange.
  • Excellent click true result due to the specific target of scuba diving.
Scuba banner exchange is loaded with great  free features including:
  • 1000 "bonus" exposures upon joining
  • An exchange ratio of 1:1
  • Real-time daily and monthly statistics
  • You get a password and can follow, adjust your campaign
  • The scuba banner support team can help you start your account for free
It's safe
  • We only accept scuba diving related sites, so you will only be showing banners for scuba diving related sites and your banner will only be shown on scuba diving related sites.
  • We don't accept any Adult,  Illegal or Offensive sites.
  • All sites and banners are approved by our team before being allowed to join our network. All banners must be 468x60 and be no larger than 10k in file size.
  • The LinkSwap Network reserves the right to refuse membership for any reason

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